Do community gardens attract wildlife such as bears?

    Community gardens are no different to a residential garden and contain a variety of plants, both edible and ornamental. Certain plants attract bears more than others. The City works with community garden groups to ensure that gardens adhere to the City’s Human-Bear Management Plan.


    How close will the garden plots be to private residential properties?

    The proposed community garden will be situated at the rear of the tennis courts. This is 150 feet away from the nearest residential property.

    How do community gardens typically affect the surrounding neighbourhood?

    Community gardens offer many benefits including increased access to fresh food, health benefits from increased physical activity, and strengthened social relations within the neighbourhood. In addition, recent studies have found that community gardens offer mental health benefits and assist in promoting relaxation. Growing plants, spending time with others in a safe and supportive environment, and being active outdoors contributes to the positive mental health of a community.

    Community gardens also aid in making a community more resilient to climate change. The varied plant material increases biodiversity, provides a source of food for pollinators, and reduces the urban heat island effect.

    The Grow Local Society is the group that will manage the garden and the City will work with them to ensure that the garden is managed in line with City policies and bylaws. While the City is proposing 60 garden plots at this location, we do not anticipate all users visiting the location at the same time and the existing parking lot at the Glenayre Community Centre can accommodate an increase in park use. The City will monitor the garden and any impacts on the community and mitigate accordingly.

    How many community gardens are in Port Moody?

    We currently have three community gardens in Port Moody. These are:

    • Inlet Community Garden (3002 Murray Street)
    • Port Moody Police Tri-Cities Community Garden (3051 St. Johns Street)
    • Town Centre Park (300 Ioco Road)