Finally stopped moving

by Jenny Tough,
My ex husband and I moved to Port Moody 15 years ago, 6 months after the birth of our second child and 8 months after moving to Canada. We're both from elsewhere and have lived all over the world. We moved to Coquitlam first, from South Africa, having chosen Coquitlam only because there was a home to rent that would let us bring our huge dog and it sounded so Canadian to us at the time! I was so happy to find a place to buy in Port Moody centre because I loved being able to walk with my babies to the ocean, stroll along busy streets and see people going about their business. As the kids grew, the ocean continued to be our happy place and they grew up kayaking and sailing on the inlet, walking in the woods and along the shore, heading up to Buntzen for picnics with the dog. It was supposed to be for 2 years, like all the other places we have lived, but here we all are still, 15 years later. Lots has changed but, for all of us, living by the ocean in Port Moody with the mountains and the city so close feels like a bit of a miracle.
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