Why we moved to Port Moody and why we've stayed

by ermamo,
We moved to Port Moody shortly before the birth of our eldest son, who is now 13. My husband works in town, so we liked the proximity to work and the beauty of the natural surroundings. What we also like is the development that's occurred over the time we've been here. Newport Village has always been great, but I'm also a huge fan of Brewer's Row and I like Suter Brook, Klahanie and other new developments underway or planned. I love that the skytrain goes through the city now and I'm hoping that, with all the people moving into the area, we'll have an increasing diversity of restaurants and shops and other services coming along with them. I appreciate how Port Moody has been able to preserve its park space and nature walks while also accommodating smart growth - I hope this trend continues. As long as development is done in an intelligent and thoughtful way, I think we can only benefit from increased density. I'd love to see additional park space, enhanced recreation services and a new library accompanying the City's growth and I'd like to see a unique solution to the Ioco lands issue. A summertime ferry service from the North Shore to Rocky Point (like in False Creek) would be a great addition if this area is developed into another little hub. I also love all the festivals and celebrations Port Moody supports and hope to see these resume once we get through the pandemic. Overall it's a great place to live.
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