Are we selfish?

by M&Y,

We love Port Moody, and we love the plans to make Port Moody a vibrant and growing community. We trust our city staff to develop a plan based on the high-density areas close to the sky train system. We love New Port Village and Suter Brook. We believe higher density is the only way to allows current and new businesses to operate and grow less dependant on vehicles and rely more on our excellent public transit. We love future developments such as Flavelle Mills Site (as proposed by the developers). Suppose we force developers to make unreasonable and unviable plans. In that case, we will only wreck unique and excellent projects (like it is wrecking Flavelle) and leave us live between deteriorating buildings. We strongly support the redevelopment of Port Moody's downtown area, allowing larger density. It would be the only way that would allow the creation of more local business. We moved to Port Moody 15 years ago because innovative city politicians and staff created a community plan that allowed many developments such as Heritage Mountain, Sutter Brook, and New Port Village. Asking to stop developers and cancel the Official Community Plan seems like egoism and selfishness, and many others think alike. It is like saying, "I'm already here and don't want anyone else to come and live in this beautiful community." I support a smart but aggressive growing development plan aligned with the reality of a growing Metro Vancouver. People from all over Canada (and everywhere) want to move here, and we need to responsible accommodate for sustainable growth.

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