Older but wiser

by Grannie,
I have lived in Pomo for 56 years. We built a home on the north shore, raised a family, owned a business and participated thru sport, library and city council over the years. Things have changed in some ways. Growing up in Glenayre we never came down to Pomo for shopping, work, school or leisure. I believe the same is true today! As teenagers we respected the police as they were everywhere. When I drive thru Pomo, which is very seldom, I stop at red lite after red lite. Housing of all sorts has popped up, too small and not affordable. Back in 1976 once we drove onto Ioco Road there was a nice relaxing drive, no traffic, great views and sometimes wildlife to catch our eye. Now Ioco Rd is congested with the added problem of bicyclists. Growth has never brought my taxes down.

We plan to live our days out in Pomo but I hope we can stop trying to be another west end and stop high rise growth.

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