Changing Fast

by Cathy Morton,
My husband and I chose Port Moody in 2015, based on the Official Community Plan which looked reasonable, and on the fact that population growth was apparently capped at 50,000. Unfortunately, almost the minute we got here, I found myself being drawn into efforts to save Bert Flinn Park, prevent overdevelopment of the Ioco lands, stop city lands from being sold off to developers, and prevent council from agreeing to OCP variances that would add multiple towers well in excess of the permitted height restrictions. If we had wanted to live in Metrotown, we would have moved there in the first place.

We bought in Suter Brook on the basis that Onni was only going to build one more tower. Unfortunately, despite strong opposition being expressed to the previous council, approval was granted to build a second one. I feel like we've been living in a giant construction site for the past two years.

On the bright side, I do feel like most Port Moody residents share my views - that development needs to be managed carefully so as not to lose the quality of life that attracted us in the first place. I commend those of the councillors who are doing their best to live up to the mandate that was clearly communicated in the last election. It's not easy to resist the pressure of the developers and put the residents and the environment first. But I think it's crucial for the future of the city.

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