Port Moody resident since 1998

by Holly,
When I moved to Port Moody over 20 years ago it was a completely different feel. It was like a small town on the fringe of the big city. Being central it offered ease of transport in all directions. It was quiet and there were no high rises. I was drawn to the natural environment, the history and the ability to easily access hikes in the mountains and walks on the beach all on the same day. I could walk through Rocky Point and not necessarily see anyone aside from the seals and the squirrels.

The city certainly has changed and to be honest I havent been totally happy with all of the changes. More construction brings more people. More people brings more traffic. I feel that the Port Moody that I first met is no longer and I will likely move because of it. I recognize however that this is not a bad thing. I wish to live in a quieter environment and the demographics of Port Moody are changing. A younger generation may make it more vibrant and active. It may result in a more sustainable future for the city...but it will not likely be my city in the future.


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